Libra Harmony New Moon Tarot Spread

Libra Harmony New Moon Tarot Spread

Libra Harmony New Moon Tarot Spread

Q. What does a professional Tarot reader who is a total Tarotholic do to kick back and have some fun?

A. More Tarot

My bit of guilty pleasure right now is to take part in a few of the many Tarot challenges on Instagram at the moment. Today’s #bbaoracleoctober challenge is a New Moon Tarot Reading. I just love how timely this is since I posted the invite out for the Libra New Moon Blessing Ritual earlier this morning. CLICK HERE to join and take part in this month’s ritual – it is totally FREE and increases mana for everyone… Win-Win!

The Tarot Spread I created for today’s challenge is called the Libra Harmony New Moon Tarot Spread and the positional meanings are…

  1. Sow this for more harmony – This is something that is lacking in my life and needs bringing in for more balance
  2. Weed this for more harmony – What there is already an overabundance of and which threatens to tip the scales unfavourably in terms of health and wellbeing
  3. Nurture harmony with this – This is what I need to use to help the new seeds take root
  4. What will bloom under the Full Moon – The harvest I can expect if I nurture the seeds of harmony

I’m totally going to share this spread with everyone in the Blessing Network and pimp it out on Pinterest/Tumblr too… 😀

Libra Harmony New Moon Tarot Reading


  1. Page of Wands – Yes, I’m aware I’m low on Fire and am currently all work, and very little play…
  2. Ace of Swords – One idea too many makes it difficult to settle on anything. The current Libran influences aren’t helping me choose either. I want ALL the shinies! But my motto here, as far as new ideas are concerned is… or rather should be… ‘Less is more’
  3. The Hierophant – Take a class. Learn from the best. Get to know some fellow students… OK, I was going to do that anyway, as this is totally my favourite way of having FUN! So how is this different from having lots of new ideas? It’s quite different, I assure you. I will be learning traditional, tried and tested stuff. Eventually, this makes for more fertile soil for new ideas and should clear some of the indecision about which direction to take next.
  4. The Tower – Result! You wanted FIRE, baby?! You’ve got it!! This is Archangel Camael and the third chakra. So what if it gets a bit turbulent for a while…? I can handle it! Sometimes that’s how it has to be… the pendulum swings the other way first and only then are we ready to settle into that harmonious middle position.

Do let me know how this spread reads for you if you decide to take it for a whirl.

Lunar Blessings!

The Tarot Mystic

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